Courses and Syllabi

Course offerings for SY 21/22 at Bard Baltimore:

Grade 9: Literature of the Americas, History of the Americas, Algebra I or Geometry, Survey of Music, American Government, Spanish I, Chinese I, Physics, Drawing and Painting

Grade 10: Literature of the World, World History, Geometry, Chemistry, Foundations of Technology, Fine Arts I or Drawing into Design or Mixed Media, Physical Education, Health, Spanish II or Chinese II

Year 1: Year 1 Seminar, Literature/Humanities Electives, College Algebra, College Biology, College Spanish I or College Chinese I, Arts Elective, College Research Workshop

Year 2: Year 2 Seminar, Literature/Humanities Electives, Probability and Statistics, College Chemistry or Physics, College Spanish II or College Chinese II, Arts Electives, College Research Workshop

Literature/Humanities Electives for Year 1 and Year 2 students include: African-American History, American Cities, Literature of the City, Creative Writing, Economics, Introduction to Public Policy, Historical Fiction, The Election

Arts Electives for Year 1 and Year 2 students include: Issues in Contemporary Art, Art of Anatomy, College Music, Graphic Design

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