Academic Policies & Forms


Like all Baltimore City high schools, attendance at Bard Baltimore is taken by each teacher for each period.  During remote learning, students are expected to attend every class, five days per week.  Classes will be taught on a synchronous basis, according to the school’s in-person bell schedule.

Students who miss their synchronous class time due to extenuating circumstances may be counted present for the period that day if they submit evidence of participation by 11:59 p.m. on the day of the class that they missed.  Individual teachers will determine what constitutes evidence of participation for their classes.

Doctor’s notes or other documentation of an excused absence should be sent by email or text message to Ms. Gwendolyn Mountcastle, School Secretary, at [email protected].


Bard Baltimore seeks to provide regular feedback to students to strengthen their academic performance and promote intellectual growth. Faculty members will update grades in Infinite Campus approximately every two weeks. Campus Portal access codes to log into Infinite Campus can be requested from the main office. Long-form grade narratives with detailed feedback will be provided at the end of the first and third quarters. The weights given to categories of assignments are determined by individual faculty members. 

A note about make-up work: From time to time, students are out of school for extended periods of time for a variety of reasons. They may be out of school during exams or major assignments. Our policy in these cases is to record the student’s grade as it stands at the end of a marking period. The student may have the opportunity to make up missed work; please refer to the school’s Make Up Work Policy. 


Two transcripts are maintained for Bard students: the Baltimore City Public Schools transcript and the Bard College transcript. Instructions for requesting copies of both are available on the website under the College Transfer Office tab.


Year 1 and Year 2 students are required to take between 12 credits and 18 credits each semester, unless they receive approval of an exception from their guidance counselor and the dean. Students may request approval to change their classes during the first week of the semester through the Add/Drop process, as long as the resulting schedule meets the course load requirements and will enable the completion of A.A. requirements on schedule. The final dates for making such changes each semester are listed on the school calendar.


Year 1 and Year 2 students may transfer in up to 6 college credits to be applied toward the 60 credits the associate in arts Degree. Students who elect to take courses at other colleges who do not need them for the A.A. should simply wait and apply to transfer them to their four year college after leaving Bard. Students should request approval from the Dean of Studies for the specific courses proposed before taking college courses at another institution, and are responsible for providing documentation (official transcript and syllabus) after satisfactory completion of the course.


College students, typically those in Year 2, may earn academic credit by successfully completing independent studies on topics that are not available through the regular course offerings. Before such a course of study can begin, a formal written course description and statement of student interest including discussion of relevant preparation, as well as a contract of student and faculty responsibilities (including credits, readings, number of meetings, and number and types of assessment) must be submitted and approved by the Dean of Studies.

Academic Resources

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