Parent’s Guide to Remote Learning

Overview of Virtual Learning

Things to Know:

  • School will be happening every day virtually, Monday through Friday during our normal school hours (8:30am-3:20pm).
  • Students will be in live Zoom sessions with their teachers. The zoom links are available in each of their class’s Google Classrooms. They can also email their teacher for the link if they’re unable to locate it. We will not be using Google Meet for live class sessions.
  • They must log in to Google Classroom using their Bard student email. If they are having log-in issues with Infinite Campus or their Bard email, please contact Mr. Bond(
  • Their class schedules are available in Infinite Campus. If you need parent access to Infinite Campus, please contact our school secretary, Mrs. Mountcastle( for a Parent Portal Letter.
  • You can receive daily/weekly summaries from Google Classroom once you have been added in as their Guardian by the teacher to Google Classroom. For more info on Google Classroom please see the button below.

In Case You Have Questions or Concerns

  • For Bard email concerns, please reach out to Mr. Bond. ( or 443-248-2931
  • For questions about a specific class, please reach out to your student’s faculty member directly. You can find their contact information in the Student Guide above, as well as on the Faculty page of our website.
  • For additional academic guidance and support for your student, you can also reach out to your student’s school counselors: 9th graders should reach out to Ms. Melchior, 10th through Year 2’s with last names A-L should reach out to Mrs. Bubb, and 10th through Year 2’s with last names M-Z should reach out to Mrs. Hoyt.
  • Mr. Philip Sharp, LCSW-C is one of our school partner’s from Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center’s, Expanded-School Based Mental Health Department. He provides many different services to our BARD school community, including but not limited to individual, group and family counseling, mental health consultations, and professional development for our staff. He can be reached via email at or via phone at 443-738-5029. Please do not hesitate to reach out to him at any time of day with any mental health related questions or concerns.
  • To connect daily with your school community, students have the opportunity to attend a daily lunch hour with Mr. Bond, Ms. Kimball, and Ms. Ellis. They should check their email for the meeting information.
  • To connect weekly with members of the larger Bard Baltimore community and administration, you can join us Monday nights at 7pm for our weekly Family Teacher Union meeting. We have switched over to using Google Meet for these weekly meetings, please contact Dr. Gamber for the meeting information if you haven’t received it by email.
  • If you have additional questions and concerns regarding the coronavirus, stay up-to-date with Baltimore City Schools by checking out their health updates page.
  • If you have questions or concerns regarding accommodations, you can contact Mr. Schmitt.
  • New FTU email address: We have established a new email address to serve parents and families through the Family Teacher Union: .  This account is being monitored by members of our support team.
  • For additional resources please check out our Facebook Covid-19 Album where we will be compiling community resources and flyers that our community shares with us/

Academic Guidelines and Resources

Stay up to date with the Family Teacher Union

During the COVID-19 school closure, we are hosting a weekly community meeting every Monday night at 7pm. Please see your email for a link from Dr. Gamber. If you haven’t been receiving our weekly and monthly family emails from Principal Gamber, please reach out to her directly through email.  In the meantime you can catch up on our meetings through our note archive located below. Please click on the date of the meeting you would like to see the notes from. 

New FTU email address: We have established a new email address to serve parents and families through the Family Teacher Union: .  This account is being monitored by members of our support team. 

Family Teacher Union Note Archive